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As we reflect on the past year, we have gratitude

for everyone’s kindness, help and generosity.

We send you best wishes for 2022.


     And Special Thanks to this past year’s support from:

     * a grant from the Boston Cultural Council and administered

       by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture;

     * a grant from the Mission Hill / Fenway Neighborhood Trust.

     * the Cultural Organization Economic Recovery Grant administered by

       Mass Cultural Council in partnership with the

       Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development;

     * a grant from the City of Boston’s Arts and Culture COVID-19 Fund.


Image: “Tiger” sumi painting ©1998 Kaji Aso

English calligraphy by Katherine Sloss


Bean Celebration

Setsubun- Mamemaki

A purifying ceremony for the year 2022

Click on link below on Jan. 31st to launch program

CLICK HERE: Monday, January 31st @ 7:00pm EST


Enjoyable for children and adults!

A purifying ceremony for the year 2022

Find out about Mamemaki 

and throw virtual beans to chase away oni!

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* video by Takahiro Miyao *

* Year of Tiger calligraphy by Michiko Imai 
with music by Mikiko Sato *

* and Chasing Demons video

with music by Mikiko Sato *

This program is free and open to the public.